Galesburg Boots and Saddle Club March 2014 Newsletter

So I have lots of exciting news to tell you from the Feb. 2nd meeting. We finalized our regular Show-Bill; flipped a couple of classes around and dropped the

2 & under lounge-line class. Our Regular Show dates are: May 18th, June 20th, August 17th, Sept. 21, all start at 9:30 a.m. We will again have an all Youth Show

June 8th at 9:30 a.m. We will finalize that Show-bill at the March meeting. We did vote and agree on having an end of the year HIGH POINT AWARD

for the youth in two divisions; 1st division; 12 and under, with prizes for the 4 highest points after, 2nd division (13-17) year olds, with prizes for the 4 highest

points held after that. We already have our two sponsors for the prizes for the kids. A Big thank you goes out to Pat Zulauf, and Sarah Links!

Speaking of Sponsorship, if you are interested in sponsoring our show and would like to have your business advertized on the back of our Show-

Bill, get ahold of me, (309) 351-2497, or you could go to our website and download the form; $40.00 for the year. I need it by April 1st.

We also agreed to try and meet the goal of $500.00 to contribute to OSF St.Mary’s Breast Cancer Support group. In order to do this, it was voted to

make our Pink Ribbon Class, the Adult Walk-Trot (12 &under), Equine 48″ & over all the proceeds will go to OSF.

Our next meeting will be March 2nd at 1:30 p.m. at The Henderson Town Hall & Fire Station; we will be discussing a fun show or driving show

and our 2014 fundraiser/clinic.

To become a member of our club it is still $15.00 family; $5.00 single. Contact any officer if you are interested; Rosie (309) 344-3605, Larry (309)

351-9642, Betty (309) 299-7301, Deb (309) 351-2497. Check out FB page, and website!

We’d like to send out our Heart-felt Condolences to Curtis and Dakota Shannon, on the passing of Tina.


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